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Collection of classical music composers for children


All you want to know about Gershwin

Gustav Holst: The Planets Suite

description of the music and midi files for excerpts of the music

Music Theory

music web links for children and teachers

Baroque Music

Bach illustrated

Classics for Kids

Learn about music and composers

Smithsonian Jazz

Louis Armstrong

Music Block Game-Creating Music

Online creative music environment for children of all ages play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles.

National Association for Music Education

NAFME - National Association for Music


New York State School Music Association


Suffolk County Music Educators Association

Piano Education Page

The Piano Education Page (PEP) is a one-stop resource for teachers, students, parents, and fans of the piano with over 1000 pages of family-friendly information, upgraded regularly.

Pay the Piper

So you think you'd like to learn a musical instrument but don't know which one to try? You want to know how much they cost? You don't know where to find lessons?

Metronome Online

An free online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music, this music tool helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections.

Virtual Piano

Free online virtual piano

Polka Dots Dance

The polka is a fun and lively dance — and a specific type of dance music — popular throughout Europe and North America.

How Do You Play a Harmonica?

The harmonica is a wind instrument often used in blues, jazz, country and rock and roll.

How Do You Play a Trumpet?

One of the oldest musical instruments, trumpets date back to at least 1500 B.C.

Essential Music Practice

Effective music practice is the key to success - Improve your music practice technique here.


MusicMoz aims to be a comprehensive directory of music, built by volunteers around the world, with contributions from the web public.