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The District purchases accident insurance to cover medical expenses incurred by all students attending District schools. Reasonable and usual Hospital and surgical expenses are paid only in excess of benefits payable under any other policy or plan which is carried by the student's family.

The insurance coverage pays for bodily injuries sustained:

  1. While in or on the school grounds or premises during any period of regular attendance, including the lunch period, while school is in session.
  2. While traveling directly and uninterruptedly to or from school for regular sessions.
  3. While participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities, including all sports, and including supervised travel directly and uninterruptedly to and from such activities during the school term.

School insurance does not cover, among other things, aggravation of any accidental bodily injury occurring prior to the effective date of the insurance policy; illness or disease in any form; or any injury sustained at the student's home or residence.

Claim forms are processed through the school nurse in each school building at the time of the accident report.

The information furnished in this section is intended to provide a summary of the insurance provisions available in the policy and is not a description of the entire policy.

No accident insurance is provided for adults participating in any school sponsored activities.

The District also carries liability insurance on the school grounds, and liability insurance is also carried by the company which provides bus transportation. Under the New York State "No Fault" law, compensation requests for medical bills for any injuries occurring on a school bus must first be directed to the parent's auto insurance carrier.