Chromebook Repairs

Student Chromebook Damage Report

Acer Chromebook Spin 11

Students whose Chromebook requires repair MUST fill out the device repair form FIRST. The form should be filled out within 24 hours of the issue or incident taking place. The following process should be followed for all students grades 2 through 12 for physical damage to their district assigned Chromebook:

  • Download and print the Chromebook Physical Damage Form and fill out the necessary information on the sheet.

  • Once the repair form has been completed, bring the Chromebook to the Library Media Center at the high school or at Cutchogue East give it to your homeroom teacher with the completed form. If you have paid for insurance with The Worth Group we will let you know if the damage is covered.

  • For devices that do not have coverage thru a Worth Group insurance policy, the device will be assessed by our technology department to determine the cost of repairs and you will be responsible for the full replacement cost of any damage. We STRONGLY recommend the purchase of the policy since the replacement cost for a broken touchscreen can be up to $110.00.

  • The student will be allowed to use a loaner Chromebook during repair times.

  • Once the Chromebook has been fixed, the student will be contacted and can pick up their Chromebook from the Library Media Center.

Remember, the Chromebook Physical Damage form must be completed prior to bringing your Chromebook to the Library Media Center.

After scanning and logging your Chromebook's issue, the attendant at the Chromebook Depot will hand you a loaner device. Your loaner device must be treated exactly as if you had your original device. Any damage due to misuse or negligence will result in you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) being billed for any and all repairs required.

Upon the completion of your Chromebook's repairs, the library media center will contact your homeroom teacher to have you pick up your repaired Chromebook.

Other Chromebook issues (non-damage related) should be given to the staff in the Library Media Center for review.

Under no circumstances should students/parents repair the Chromebook using an outside vendor.