Assistive Technologies in Reading

Some students with disabilities encounter difficulties learning how to read.  Fortunately, today there are technologies to help these students.  At Mattituck-Cutchogue, here are some of the assistive technologies offered to our students:

Learning A-Z: a web-based product that offers leveled text available to print out, be read aloud to students on a tablet or computer, and before and after comprehension activities.

Bookshare:  If you cannot read traditional print books because of a visual impairment, physical disability or severe learning disability, Bookshare can help! Listen to books with high-quality text-to-speech voices. Hear and see highlighted words on a screen. Read with digital braille or enlarged fonts. Create physical braille or large print, Read directly from your Internet browser.  Go to to learn more.

Learning Ally
: Similar to Bookshare although the text is not always viewed. From textbooks to best-selling novels, Learning Ally offers 80,000 up-to-date audiobook titles. Audiobooks can be a powerful tool to support comprehension, boost confidence, and save time on school work.
Go to to learn more.

Snap & Read Universal by Don Johnston
: Snap&Read is a Next-Generation reading tool. It Reads accessible and inaccessible text aloud, works across Google Drive, email, websites, Kindle Cloud Reader, and PDFs, works offline has a Dynamic Text Leveling feature, study tools, translation into 100+ languages on Chrome, Data for reading level and usage, Bibliographer on Google Chrome and iPad. For more information go to