2020-2021 Proposed School Budget Calendar

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020 Formal District-wide Budget Preparation

  • Feb. 13th  - Regular Board of Education Meeting
  • March 1st   - District must submit information for the calculation of the tax levy limit to the State Comptroller, the Commissioner of Education and Commissioner of Tax and Finance
  • March 5th  -  Budget Meeting
  • March 18th - Budget Meeting/Regular Board of Education Meeting
  • March 26th - Final Budget Meeting
  • April 2nd - First Legal Notice of Budget Hearing and Annual Vote (minimum of 45 days before vote)– April 16th, April 23rd and May 7th
  • April 16th - Board to Adopt Budget -Regular Board of Education Meeting
  • April 17th - Property Tax Report Card must be filed with the State Education Department by the close of business day after Board adopts the budget, and no later than 24 days before the budget vote and election which is Friday, April 24, 2020
  • April 20th - Final day for submission of Petitions for Board of Education Candidates – Must be submitted by 5:00 PM to the Business Office-Seats Open: Anderson, Mealy
  • May 5th - Budget Document Available at school district offices, both public libraries and on the districts website 
  • May 12th - Budget Hearing must-be-held no less than 7 days and not more than 14 days before the vote.
  • May 13th - Budget Notice mailed any day after the budget hearing, but no later than 6 days before the vote.
  • May 19th - Budget Vote and Trustee Election 3:00pm – 9:00pm in High School Gym