Department Policy

Locks and Lockers

  • When possible every student will be assigned a school lock and locker for storage of clothing and equipment.  Problems with locks or lockers should be reported to a physical education staff member immediately.   Locks are replaced at a cost of $7.  
  • The school district is not responsible for unlocked items or those left unattended.

Dress Code 

  • To receive full credit for physical education class on a given day the student must be properly dressed for participation.  Safe participation requires students to wear shorts, t-shirt, socks and sneakers.  Students are permitted to wear a sweat suit especially for cold weather.  
  • Proper hygiene requires students to be prepared in a change of clothing different from those worn to school. 
  • Jewelry is not allowed to be worn during physical education or athletic activities.  This includes piercing, watches and necklaces.  Students will be asked to remove all jewelry.   

Class Participation

  • Students not participating in physical education class may not participate in athletics on that day unless granted permission by the Athletic Director due to a legal excuse.  Athletics is an extension of the physical education program.
  • Medical exclusion from class must be in writing from a doctor if it is to be more than one week.  The note is to be presented to the teacher and/or nurse. 
  • Students becoming ill during class are to report to the nurse.